Plant-Based Brands I Love & VegInspired Partners

Going Plant-Based (changing the way we eat) can be a challenge. And, while I genuinely believe we don’t *need* certain products, gadgets, cookbooks, etc., I love to share what I uncover to make this switch to Plant-Based a little easier. 

Partners instead of Advertisers! 

As the founder of a small company on a mission to educate, inspire, and empower plant-based eating and living, I want VegInspired to be a resource. While I have been approached to add advertisements and advertising partners to the site, I have chosen not to do so in hopes that this resource is one you continually come back to for your favorite plant-based living and eating resources. 

In keeping the site Advertisement-free, I have chosen instead to partner with brands I love and support as an affiliate or ambassador. 

Additionally, if you’d like to support VegInspired in another fun way, you can always Buy Me a Coffee. ☕️

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Plant-Based Brands I Love & VegInspired Partners

As part of my partnership with the brands below, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. This post/page may also contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


3 cookbooks (whole food, plant-based) authored by Kathy A. Davis, sitting on a coffee table with an amethyst crystal and leaves in a vase.

I love many brands and gadgets that can easily be found on Amazon. Additionally, I have curated “shops” with my favorite books, cookbooks, gadgets, and products I use for plant-based living and life.  And you can snag my 3 Cookbooks on Amazon too!

Link: https://www.amazon.com/shop/veginspired

📦Chip & Kale

Meal Kit Service (non-subscription). Read ingredients and descriptions when selecting meals to avoid oil and processed foods for whole-food options. The ingredients in these meals come prepped, measured, and ready to cook. You cook them your way and enjoy. Learn more here: https://veginspired.com/chip-kale-plant-based-meal-delivery-review/

Link: Chip & Kale

Savings Code: Veginspired 15% off

🥗Daily Harvest

Easy to prep plant-based foods, delivered right to your door. 

Up to $65 Off Your First Order with Code : VEGINSPIRED

🌱Foods Alive 

Kathy (woman) wearing a shirt that reads "Lettuce Eat Plants" and holding large bag of Foods Alive Brand Nutritional Yeast This is where I buy my nutritional yeast, moringa hot cocoa, and other plant-based staples (all of their dressings contain oil – I thought I’d save you time from reading the ingredients). 


Savings Code: VegInspired24

🍎​​​​​​​Goli Nutrition

While I don’t LOVE supplements, I found these vegan gummies to be a great alternative to other vitamin options. I am trying out the Apple Cider Vinegar with B12. 

link: https://go.goli.com/veginspired

Saving Code veginspired

🥛JOI – plant-milk

Just One Ingredient. These nut milk bases are incredible and last for a while. We’ve been using the cashew base to make Cashew Milk and Cashew Coffee Creamer. 

Link: Shop Joi

Savings Code: veginspired

✳️Osea Malibu – best skincare I’ve found to date! 

They are sustainably packaged, are quality products, and work for hydration and aging. I love the skin and body care. I highly recommend taking the quiz to learn the best products for you (but also, grab an Undaria Algae Body Butter because it is incredible!)

Link: https://www.veginspired.com/oseamalibu


🫙Soom Foods

If you’ve been in my world for a bit, it is no secret I love tahini. I use it for sauces, dressings, hummus, and even in my cookie recipes. Soom Foods is a flavorful, creamy tahini perfect for all applications. They even have chocolate tahini!  Excellent for cookie recipes! 

Link: Soom Tahini on Amazon

🍛Whole Harvest Meals

Prepared 1-serving whole-food, plant-based meals that come ready to heat and eat (some can even be consumed from the fridge). These meals are unique and help add variety to your meal plan. I like to pair my meals with a large salad (and some meals I can stretch to 2 servings)! Save $30 off your first box of meals! 

Link: https://wholeharvest.com/veginspired30

plant-based lasagna made using ZenB Lentil Pasta Lasagna Noodles

code: veginspired30

🍝ZenB Yellow Pea Pasta

I’ve been testing this pasta, and I’m impressed with its texture and flavor (you can’t tell it is made from yellow peas). I also triedthe pasta cups (and omitted the oil packet), which are great in a pinch. I made a Protein-Packed, Vegan, and Whole-Food Lasagna Recipe with their Lasagna Noodles. 

Link:  zenb.com/veginspired.

Code: Kathy20 for 20% off