Kathy Davis, Veginspired holding beets - cover image for 5 steps to shift your mindset toward plant-based living because mindset matters

5 Steps to Shift Your Mindset Toward Plant-Based Living

Mindset Matters when it comes to a lifestyle change such as going plant-based or going vegan. Here are 5 Steps to SHIFT Your Mindset Towards Plant-Based Living! 

When we think about a plant-based life, we often look at the mechanics of it. 

  • What foods CAN I eat or what foods CAN’T* I eat? (more on this to follow.)
  • I need recipes
  • I should buy these gadgets or these products
  • I have to do exactly what that plant-based youtuber does 

We focus so much on the doing… 

…and in the beginning, that might work; it might lead us to plant-based living, but that is only part of the process of making plant-based living your way of life. 

Kathy Davis, Veginspired holding beets - cover image for 5 steps to shift your mindset toward plant-based living because mindset matters

Plant-Based is about BEING

You see, plant-based living is about BEING plant-based (at least in my world). I want to wake up and be plant-based; I want to walk into the kitchen and know and feed that plant-based is my natural way of life; it is WHO I am … who I am BEING; 

not simply what I am doing. 

Do you agree? Do you want plant-based to be natural? Effortless? A way of life?

Mindset Matters 

The part of the process of becoming plant-based that many people dismiss is the thinking that makes it so.  The mindset – the inner work – the thinking – the explorations of patterns, beliefs, and attitudes toward food. 

Mindset matters, and (IMHO) it matters more than that Vitamix, that specialty plant-based product, and that meal plan or cookbook you can buy…

…because if you don’t, think yourself plant-based – if you don’t see yourself as plant-based if you don’t feel yourself as plant-based, and if you don’t SHIFT your identity to BE plant-based… you will remain an animal food/processed food eater simply ‘trying to eat plant-based.’ 

woman eating plant-based meal - mindset matters for plant-based lifestyle change

So how do we SHIFT our mindset to BEcoming Plant-based? 

  1. We clearly define our plant-based goals, what we see our plant-based life looking like, and how we want to interact with and engage with and consume food (because it is about the food); but also who we are as a result, our confidence, our energy, our health, our success… if we believe plant-based to be the way – as I do, define what that way looks like for you. 
  2. We identify old patterns, habits, and beliefs that don’t support your vision. Stories you tell yourself: “Plant-based is too hard.” “My family doesn’t eat this way, so it will be difficult.” “I have to do it just like XYZ to be successful.” start to unpack the truth around these statements and beliefs you are telling yourself. Are they true? Do you have to do it her way, or can you define your way and make that work? Is plant-based really hard or time-consuming, or is that a story you are telling yourself based on what other people say or do or how they do plant-based? Don’t make these awarenesses mean anything about you… they simply are – they simply exist within you… and the opposite also exists – you just need to bring it to the surface. You just need to rewrite the story.
  3. We select 1-2 new thoughts, habits, patterns, and beliefs, and we begin to embody them, step into them, and act as if… you act as the plant-based woman inside you, the one you defined in step 1. Slowly, over time, she emerges… you see, you are simply unlocking and uncovering the woman you were before the world conditioned you and told you who and how you should be. 
  4. You immerse yourself in a supportive environment and community to foster this shift in your mind and body. You seek help and connect with others doing this type of work. Because not everyone in the plant-based world understands or recognizes the power of mindset to help you make this lifestyle shift… join the communities who support this depth, this unlocking of your power within. 
  5. We trust the process. Trust, this is by far the most challenging part. We trust that plant-based will work for us. We trust that the deeper we go in rewriting our stories, the stronger our connection and adoption and BEcoming Plant-Based will be. 


All of these steps are embedded in the work I do, the work we do in the Plant-Based Woman Program. We strengthen your goals and your definition of plant-based, bringing back and unlocking your power to BEcome HER – the Plant-Based Woman you aspire to be. 


Let’s chat if you are ready to do this work and BEcome the Plant-Based Woman you know is possible for you. Shoot me an email, book a Discovery Call, or connect with me via DM on Instagram (or Facebook), and let’s explore what working together would look like for you! 

Here is to all of us – Becoming Plant-Based! 

🦋XO, Kathy