Book Review: “PlantPure Nation Cookbook”


Book Review: “PlantPure Nation Cookbook.”

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One of the best cookbooks we own, hands down.  As I have mentioned before in some posts, John has the techniques and tips mastered to make enjoyable vegan meals.  Lately, however, with our current schedules, I am the one in the kitchen.  The PlantPure Nation Cookbook has been a lifesaver.  The recipes are delicious, and the directions are easy to follow, even for an amateur like me.

Eating Plant Pure

Our journey with PlantPure started with the purchase of the China Study.  Our engagement with that book drove us to attend the preview of PlantPure Nation at the Southside Works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  At the preview, we purchased a signed copy of the PlantPure Nation Cookbook authored by Kim Campbell, the wife of Nelson Campbell from the documentary.  The Campbell family’s passion for sharing a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle is inspirational.

We came home and dove into the book to explore the recipes and drool over the pictures.  We noted, almost immediately, the simplicity of the ingredients and the ease of the directions.  We started a list of recipes we had to try and have been very pleased with the outcome of that list.

One of the first recipes we tried was the Buffalo Beans and Greens (pg 185) – We followed the recipe as written, and this was an incredibly delicious option.  From the marinated tempeh to the complex flavor profile of the Blue Cheeze Dressing (pg 125), we were delighted with this meal.  Growing up in Western NY, the buffalo-flavored dishes hold a special place in our hearts, and this one is a winner.

Buffalo Beans and Greetns from "PlantPure Nation Cookbook". Photo Credit: VegInspired

Buffalo Beans and Greens from “PlantPure Nation Cookbook”. Photo Credit: VegInspired

Some Recipes

While we have tried many of the recipes in this cookbook, below are some that we repeatedly prepare:

Southwestern Bean Salad (pg 119) – This ranks as a top choice for us.  It is simple and delicious, and the ingredients are kitchen staples in our home.  We have even been known to serve this atop quinoa or rice (brown or white) as a quick lunch option.  This salad is also a potluck winner.  This recipe has been so well received; the smiles have made the book priceless.

Tofu Cashew Mayonnaise (pg 139) – The first time we whipped up this recipe, I was shocked that it smelled so reminiscent of standard mayonnaise.  We typically used Vegenaise and Just Mayo, but this was so “real” I was actually a little skeptical it was made with tofu and cashews (which was silly since I helped prepare it).  We love it and have used it in potato salad, as a spread on sandwiches and burgers, in our Deviled Potatoes, dips, and sauces, and as the binder in veggie burgers.  It is a perfect homemade vegan mayo! The only modification we made was to reduce the tahini.  In my opinion, the tahini flavor was a little too strong.

Chocolate Power Bites (pg 291) – You had me at chocolate! 🙂  This recipe was easy and yummy! Dates are one of my favorite natural sweeteners.  I use them in smoothies, nice cream, and no-bake treats.  We buy them at Costco and always have them on hand.  Having these sweet chocolate treats in the fridge was wonderful as a quick after-dinner treat.  I would make them again and would definitely bring them to a potluck or picnic.

Veggie Balls (pg 238) – The VegInspired Chef is Italian, and his family has recipes that have been passed down through multiple generations, and one of those recipes is meatballs.  I remember way back to the first year we were dating when he was making a (pre-vegan) batch, and he was using handfuls and pinches as his measurements.  I had never seen anything like it.  Fast forward to our VegInspired life, we had been searching for good veggie ball ingredients where the veggieballs stayed together in the sauce and remained moist inside.  We found our recipe!!!  The first time we made these, we followed the recipe as stated in the book and they were incredible.  They held their shape; they soaked up the sauce nicely, and the flavor was perfect.  Once we knew we had the basic idea, we modified it to match the VegInspired Chef’s family recipe and it was spot on! The smell that wafted through the kitchen as these were baking brought back memories of family dinners at his parent’s house.  We knew we had a winner.  Another recipe that makes this book priceless.

More to Try

There are so many other recipes that we want to try… No-Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, Breakfast Casserole, BBQ Black Beans and Corn over Quinoa, Mushroom Stroganoff, Eggless Tofu Salad.. the list goes on and on.  Thank you to Kim Campbell and the PlantPure Nation team for such an excellent book.

Click here to grab a copy for yourself.  Let us know in the comments below what you think of the book, and share your favorite recipes.  Tag us on Instagram @veginspired and @veginspiredchef with other recipes from the book we should try.

Until next time, Eat More Plants and Live VegInspired!