5 Things we Love About Plant Based, Vegan Eating


5 Things we love about plant-based Eating!

Besides the obvious reason (it is amazing), here are five things we love about plant-based, vegan eating:

1. No worries about cross-contamination. It’s awesome to be able to use the same plates and utensils for raw and cooked food without worrying about harmful bacteria and getting sick. It’s also awesome to not have to worry about whether the food is cooked through to a safe temperature because you can eat (almost) everything raw!  Fewer dishes, less chance of getting sick, and less hassle equal an easier life in the kitchen or at the grill.
2. Clearer mind, more energy, better health. Vegans know that when you start eating plant based, you feel good!  It’s like someone pulling the wool out from over your eyes and unveiling life!  You suddenly have less brain fog, more consistent energy, and you start to trim down effortlessly. We’ve had three unveilings of this good feeling when we gave up meat, then dairy, and then reducing oil in our diet.
3. Variety.  Before my vegan days, I viewed the plant based diet as restricting. I guess it was restrictive to my naturally limiting standard American diet, but when I went plant based, the floodgates of endless food possibilities opened.  Instead of my pre-vegan monotonous hamburger, I was eating portabello sandwiches, black bean burgers, and veggie burgers that I believe are better than a hamburger could ever be!  I have also found other ethnic cuisines to complement our meal plans.  I encourage you to look into other cuisines from around the world and try out new ethnic dishes as well.
4. Less destructive. This is the primary reason some people go vegan. For others, the truth catches up to them, and they’re suddenly aware of what their previous unconscious habits were contributing. Including, animal exploitation and cruelty far worse than what people envision (and often for petty things) and grim environmental issues that compromise our Mother Earth and way of life.  In this consumer-based economy, we, the consumers, are in control.  
Every dollar we spend is a vote, and eating a plant-based diet is a vote for the compassionate, prosperous, healthy world where we all want to live.
5. Joining the vegan community. The plant-based world is amazing. There are so many positive, inspiring people out there whether it is in real life, in blogs, or on YouTube or other social media. It’s awesome to be a part of this amazing community that has a shared drive built on compassion and well-being.  It is growing at a rapid rate, and may it keep growing exponentially!
What are some reasons your love being vegan/plant-based???
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Kathy & John