4 Phases of a Vegan Transition


You are a standard American eating what the standard American diet recommends: fast food, meat, dairy, etc.  you probably do not understand vegetarians, vegans,or the like. You may take some cautions about health- switching to free range or organic, but you are inconsistent.  This is not a judgment; we all started there. 

Phase 1…. Curiosity.

You are still eating some animal products, but you are doing a lot of research and cutting things out as you become more educated and exposed to the facts. 

Phase 2… Obsession. 

If you’ve known anyone who transitions to a plant-based/vegan lifestyle, you have witnessed this phase: reading every package label, talking nonstop about their favorite vegan versions of food, posting every meal they eat, chatting up the servers, chefs (anyone who will listen), and it comes up in every conversation.  For that, I am sorry but think about it for a minute, when you fall in love with something (a person, hobby, book, tv show) you obsess over it, similar situation.  You even flood your Facebook newsfeed with every vegan, animal welfare group, etc. by liking them all.  This is a phase, but this is when your heart grows regarding veganism and your impact on the world! 

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Phase 3… Creativity.

This phase is where you become super creative on your food menus.  You make a new dish every night, and you are still obsessed, so you talk about them with anyone who will listen…. Often found saying “and it’s vegan” throughout the conversation. 

Phase 4… Reality.

This is the phase where you realize and accept that this is your way of life.  You are still creative, but you eat a lot more leftovers and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. This point is when you realize you are never going back, and you learn to veganize menus at restaurants, how to come prepared for potlucks (because during the first 3 phases, you went hungry a few times), and also where you explain to your family that this is for real and how they can cook for you.  

If you are like me, this is the phase where I knew I wanted to start “spreading the wealth”. Where I knew I wanted to share, inspire, and educate.  This is when I started secretly brainstorming names and writing blog posts. This all happened long before VegInspired was even launched. When I reached the reality phase, I was so excited to share and learn more.  I started following more blogs, following more vegans on Instagram, and requesting more cookbooks (see my favorites in the Veginspired Amazon Store).  At this stage, I became involved in meal planning and excited about the recipes.  I felt like I was home.

The Journey

Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t question or criticize our choices.  


I don’t fault them; I did and said some of the very same things before the curiosity phase.


In fact, I am pretty sure I criticized John before AND during the curiosity phase.  


I can only tell you that I love how I feel, I love the weight I have lost, and I love the compassion I feel in my heart.  


I know that I am making a difference, and I am proud of myself.  I know that this transition takes time and that there are phases…

Life isn’t a destination, it is a journey!!  

Enjoy the journey of this transition.  

Experiment! Be creative! Try new foods!

Embrace a VegInspired life…for yourself, the animals, and the environment!

What phase are you in? What questions, comments, and stories do you have? Share in the comments section or shoot me an email!