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19 Vegan Quotes [quotations that make you think]

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During my journey toward a VegInspired life, I have found that certain quotes resonated with me. Some I would say to myself as I gathered the courage to give up meat or dairy. Others I would say as I was carrying a stinkbug or caterpillar, on a lettuce leaf from our CSA farm box, out the door. I pinned them to my Pinterest board. I shared or liked them on Facebook. I shared them with John and other friends. Mostly though, I reflected on what they meant to me.

Quotes Resonate with Me

I have always been one to write, clip, and remember quotes, quips, or short poems. I felt like they validated what I was thinking or feeling. The resonated and felt like a way to share how I was feeling and thinking! When I found a quote that matched that feeling or thought, it stayed with me.

Here are some of the quotes that helped me on my journey to this VegInspired life (in no particular order). I hope you can find a few that resonate with you.

Let me know in the comments your favorite!

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Photo Courtesy of One Green Planet.

1. “Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.” – Bradley Miller

2. “You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I’ll buy you a new car.” – Harvey Diamond

3. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” –Gandhi

4. “If you don’t like seeing pictures of violence towards animals being posted, you need to help stop the violence, not the pictures.” – Johnny Depp

5. “I was not raised vegan. I did not become vegan because I did not like the taste of meat, dairy, or eggs. I became vegan because one day, I had the courage to take responsibility for my choices. I no longer believe animals are here for us for food, clothing, entertainment, testing, or any other purpose. I am Vegan.” -Unknown

6. “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

7. “Some people think the “plant-based whole foods diet” is extreme. Half a million people a year will have their chests opened up and a vein taken from their leg and sewn on their coronary artery. Some would call that extreme.” – Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (Forks over Knives)

8. “If you can’t stand watching it being produced, you shouldn’t be eating it.” – Unknown

9. “Veganism is not a sacrifice, it’s a joy.” Gary L. Francione

10. “Veganism is not about giving anything up or losing anything; it is about gaining the peace within yourself that comes from embracing nonviolence and refusing to participate in the exploitation of the vulnerable” – Gary L. Francione

11. “Always be the vegan that you would’ve wanted to meet before you were vegan yourself.” – Vegan Twitter


12. “When I turned vegan, I didn’t feel that way about every animal around. I’ve noticed it’s something that changes naturally. Nowadays, I vacuum around a spider, catch flies to release them outside, and let silverfish go about their business; a whole new world, a whole new-found mental peace. I love being vegan; it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I finally understand we all have but one life, human, cow, ant, everyone; it is not our right to take it away on a whim simply because we can; it’s their right to live their lives, just like us, just like me.”- Jaco van Drongelen

13. “People may hate you for being different and not living by society’s standards but deep down, they wish they had the courage to do the same.” –Anonymous

14. “It’s not a diet, it’s not a phase; it’s a permanent lifestyle change. – Anonymous

15. “When you truly understand that your food choices are powerful and life-affirming, you can exercise control and restraint without deprivation.” – Marlene Adlemann

16. “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you didn’t know.” – William Wilberforce.

17. “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” Joaquin Phoenix

18. “The fat you eat is the fat you wear.” Dr. McDougall www.drmcdougall.com

19.  “The most ethical diet just so happens to be the most environmentally sound diet and just so happens to be the healthiest.” – Dr. Michael Greger www.nutritionfacts.org

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Hope you enjoyed these!  Check out the links to some of our favorite resources.  Let me know your favorite quote!

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