Why am I Vegan

Why am I Vegan? A Vegan Perspective

Why am I Vegan

Over four years ago I intentionally ate my last animal product.  I committed to a new way of life. I stepped away from my habits, traditions, and societal norms.  For me, adopting a vegan lifestyle did not happen overnight. However, the ultimate decision only took a millisecond.  Just one turning point, the “pivot point” some call it, the point at which staying the same seemed more painful than change.  It was that baby cow.

If you watched my VegInspired Speech video, you may already know this story.  But I will tell it again, briefly.  I was at a friends’ family farm and their mama cow had just had a calf the day before.  We all walked out to field where they were grazing to see the beautiful baby.  It was at that moment, looking into those beautiful creatures’ eyes, that I made the decision to go vegan.

Life Changing Moments

While that moment was life-changing, it is all the moments of my life that lead to that point that I want to talk about.

  • The compassion toward nature that I learned from my dad.  He often reminded me that we are “caretakers” of the land and we need to leave it better than we found it.
  • The love of animals, cats specifically, that I got from my mom.  Anywhere we ever went that had cats, you could find the two of us looking for the cats, and holding them, and snuggling them.  I am grateful for that love.
  • The belief that I could do anything and the unconditional love of my grandmothers.  They were always telling me how smart I was.  Always reminding me how important education and learning were.  Always talking about books, and celebrating my love of knowledge and reading.
  • The love of food that John has ignited within me.  Even before going vegan, we were always looking for and supporting local and private owned restaurants that focused on good food.
  • The drive and passion I have within myself that has come from the support of all of my loved ones, friends, family, and really anyone who has crossed my path, to be the best me I can be.  That drive only furthers my passion to share what I ‘ve learned.
  • The passion and leadership of the plant based doctors, who go against the grain for the health and wellbeing of the patients.  These courageous souls have made a huge impact on my life.


The reality of living a vegan life was so foreign to me.  I knew it would be a change; that there would be a huge learning curve; and that I would not be perfect.  I knew all of that, and I did it anyway.  We live in a non-vegan world, so still to this day, I face challenges, imperfections, and life decisions.  You will too. You will face conversations that you wish you could walk away from, you will encounter situations that are too much, and you will experience events that disgust you.  At the end of the day, you (and I) made a decision to live a vegan life, because we know it is the best option.

There are so many times that being not vegan would just be easier, but don’t let the memory of those sentient beings’ eyes leave your heart.  You are vegan for them.  You are vegan for you.  You are standing up for what you believe in, by choosing not to eat, wear, and exploit animals.  Be Proud.

In conclusion

This post could go so many directions.  Veganism can be so multifaceted, with so many “what -ifs,” so many “what-abouts,” and so many controversial components.  I didn’t go there.  This post is about why I am vegan.  

My “why was a day-old calf and his mom.  My why is bigger than all the controversy out there. You see, by adopting a vegan lifestyle every day I live with just a bit more compassion, I make a difference, I see the big picture, and I am humbled by the impact I make.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.  Adopting a vegan lifestyle is NOT about perfection.  It is about avoiding eating, wearing, and exploiting animals to the best of your ability.  Every choice you make matters.

I can only hope this post reminds you that veganism is not about perfection, and we can all stand to show a little more compassion every day.  Let me know in the comment why you are vegan!  #compassion