Vegan Pizza in Asheville NC

Vegan: Asheville, NC

What We Ate Vegan: Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC did not disappoint in the food department, or the scenic views or the beers. In fact, our one week stay in Asheville, NC was too short. We made the most of it and did pretty epic food and brewery visits and want to share all of what we ate vegan in Asheville, NC with you!

Nine Mile on Montford

Vegan Salad in Asheville Nc
Vegan Pasta Dish with Tofu Nine Mile on Montford, Vegan Food Asheville
Asheville NC Vegan Food
Irie Ites from Nine Mile on Montford

Nine Mile on Montford is a quaint, but busy restaurant in a quiet neighborhood in Asheville and it was the perfect way to kick off a day of touring. We split a really simple, yet flavorful salad and then each got a delicious vegan pasta dish with a caribbean flair. This was not your mama’s Italian food. I (Kathy) ordered the Irie Ites and was thrilled that it came with another piece of Natty Bread (which was seriously amazing). The cavatappi mixed with a creamy dairy free pesto won me over… but when does pesto not win?! Am I right?

Strada Italiano

Vegan Options Asheville NC Strada Italiano
Strada Vegan Pasta Asheville
Vegan Pizza asheville nc

We are no strangers to No Evil Plant Meat (We made this Pizza Freekeh with No Evil) and when we saw that Strada Italiano used their Stallion Sausage on a pizza and pasta dish, we knew we had to make a visit. We were impressed; excellent flavor and use of the plant meats in both dishes. The pizza had the perfect amount of veggies, cheese, and sausage and the creamy dairy free red sausage on the Alla Nona was spectacular. We deemed this a VegInspired Return Restaurant and have rated it pretty high on our list for our next trip to Asheville.

Vortex Doughnuts

Vegan Doughnut

We are suckers for vegan doughnuts and while walking around asheville we knew we needed a little afternoon sugar pick me up, so we stopped by Vortex Doughnuts. The doughnuts were airy and light with an excellent flavor and texture. John went for a classic glazed and I opted for a chocolate frosted. Both doughnuts were very delicious, filling, and the perfect pick me up to keep on rolling to the next brewery.

Grey Eagle Taqueria

Vegan Tacos

Beer and Tacos were the perfect lunch after a couple mile bike ride. We had camped at Wilson’s Riverfront, so were were able to ride our bikes over to Grey Eagle for some tacos. They had some excellent options including a homemade chorizo taco. John and I both agreed the roasted cauliflower taco was our favorite with the black bean & Sweet potato and Chorizo tying for second. The mix of flavors in the toppings really helped these tacos stand out. Another VegInspired Return Restaurant added to our list.

Rosettas Kitchen

Vegan Munchies Rosettas Asheville NC
Family Favorite Meal at Rosettas Kitchen - peanut tofu, sautéed kale, and mashed potatoes and gravy

An (almost) all vegan restaurant with some pretty fantastic fare (I mean vegan queso and tempalo wings (buffalo tempeh)???). We enjoyed both of those options as well as some chili cheese fries (because when there is vegan queso, just go ahead and order it on everything… right? LOL! We were not as impressed by those munchies as we were by the entree we got.

The Family Favorite was a loaded plate of peanut butter tofu, smashed potatoes, and gravy, and sautĂ©ed kale. We shared that since we’d eaten so many munchies and honestly, we both could have eaten that plate, everything was so good. What we especially recommend is to scoop some mashed potatoes and gravy, stab a hunk of kale, and then a chunk of tofu and let the flavors of all 3 explode in your mouth. We think peanut butter tofu needs to happen in the VegInspired kitchen stat.

Asheville Breweries

Asheville is a beer lovers haven. With over 75 breweries in the western, NC and Asheville area you are sure to find at least one with your favorite type of beer on draft. We use a nifty guide put together by the Asheville Ale Trail to map out our tours and again, this just showed us our trip was too short and we must make another trip to hit up some more breweries. We were able to visit 5 of them… so only about 70 more to go. LOL! Next time, Asheville, Next time!

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Thanks so much for reliving our Asheville Vegan Adventures. We hope this gives you an idea of some vegan food in Asheville. Of course, this list is not inclusive and there are other vegan restaurants in the area.

To find these restaurants, we use the Happy Cow App, Yelp, and Facebook Groups and their recommendations.