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Book Review: The China Study Cookbook

Rarely am I left speechless, about anything, and by rarely, I really mean, close to never.  However, The China Study Cookbook has left me speechless for one of two reasons, 1. My mouth was full of good food, or 2. My mouth was open in awe of the deliciousness we were eating.  

Are you focusing on healthy eating or adding more plants or are you participating in Veganuary?  Well, this is a great cookbook to help you achieve all of those goals and I am so excited to share this Book Review of The China Study Cookbook because this cookbook is fantastic and we highly recommend it to you!


VegInspired Journey

Many of you know, we started our VegInspired journey, by simply adding more plant based meals into our weekly menu and eliminating animal products.  We followed the advice of the plant based doctors to avoid animal products, oil, and reduce added salt and sugar, and eat foods as close to nature intended.

Over our four plus years eating this way, we have enjoyed sharing our recipes with you, but we love to gather inspiration from cookbooks.  The photos, the creativity, and the ease of following someone else’s recipes rejuvenates us and get’s us excited to create more.

The China Study Cookbook

So when BenBella Books reached out and offered us a copy of Leanne Campbell, Ph.D.’s revised edition of the China Study Cookbook, we were more than eager to accept a copy and start cooking… And we did.  Within the first week we made about five recipes, and with each one, we grew even more fond of the cookbook.

And then life happened, it got away from us, we had our own recipes to develop, test, taste, remake, and write about.  We had a house to clean and downsize, and the weeks got away from us.  Then we boxed up the books to go in the RV with us, and the China Study Cookbook was packed away.

When we unpacked and got settled, we pulled it off the shelf and started cooking again.  This time we made the Seasoned Mushroom and Barley soup.  To say it was good, does not do this soup justice.  It was phenomenal.  Flavorful, satisfying, and perfect for that chilly PA, fall night cooking in the RV.

Recipes We’ve Made and Our Thoughts

Apple Lemon Bulgar Salad (p 91)

This is absolutely a must make.  We made it for a quick make-ahead lunch and then made it on repeat.  Super flavorful, great for a meal prepped lunch, and it really holds up well to make ahead.

Fiesta Potato Salad (p 107)

I was a little nervous mixing beets and potatoes into a salad with mayo, but it was delicious.  Creamy and the sweet boiled beets perfectly complemented the potatoes.

Seasoned Barley Mushroom Soup (p 152)

This was the best choice for a chilly night in the RV in Western, Pennsylvania.  The flavors of the herbs and the heartiness of the barley.  YUMMY!  I love mushrooms, so this will be a remake for sure.

Egg(less) Salad Sandwich (p 169)

This was perfectly flavored, and the tangy addition of the pickles really jazzed it up.  I enjoyed it open face on some whole grain bread.  It was perfect for a quick lunch.

Pecan Balls (p 181)

I think we’ve made these at least a dozen times.  We shared the recipe on our YouTube channel (with permission) and had them with pasta, in wraps/pitas, and just dipped in sauce.  They are so good.  The meatiness of the pecans really balances the tofu.  They hold their shape and remain perfectly tender when baked.  We love them.  A LOT!

Golden Garden Mayonaise (p 184)

I like the simplicity of this mayo; it is easy to make and tastes great.  We’ve used it in the recipe in this book and in other recipes we’ve made, and it works perfectly as a sandwich spread or a binder for veggie burgers.

Favorite Marinara Sauce (p 221)

Super easy and delicious.  We made this when we made the Pecan Balls, and the sauce has a great flavor and texture. Perfectly garlicky and delish!

No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Drops (p 298)

This was the first recipe I made the day I received the cookbook.  I had everything needed in the pantry and wanted to make a recipe right away.  I am super happy this was the first recipe I made.  They were good. Peanut Butter and Chocolate are the best combo and adding the oats and then eating them out of the fridge!  YUMMMO!

Get the Book

My advice is to snag yourself a copy of The China Study Cookbook.  There are so many more unique recipes we want to try – bread, soup, breakfast foods – like crepes and pancakes, and tofu scramble), cookies, and so many entrees and sides.  With over 175 recipes on over 300 pages, this book is sure to be a go-to for you for healthy and plant based meals.

The first section of the book provides an excellent resource for someone transitioning to a plant based diet or for someone who is curious about adding more whole plant foods to their diet.

Let us know in the comments below if you like product and book reviews like this.  We want to help you add more plants to your meals, so if these types of posts are helpful, we will keep them coming!  Want to know what other cookbooks we recommend? Visit our Amazon Shop!

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Until next time,

Eat more plants and Live VegInspired!