Banana Nice Cream

85 Vegan Snacks We Love

My whole life I have been a grazer.  I would be happy having (10) 200 calorie snacks a day rather than three meals.  I compiled a list of 85 excellent vegan snacks. In my Yo-Yo dieting experiences, I do have one take away from the programs I followed – portion control.  I have tried to specify serving sizes on my list, but when in doubt, if there is a serving listed on a packaged item, eat according to the package. In the instance of fruit or vegetables, you really can’t over indulge.   Let the snacking commence!

85 Vegan Snacks We Love

  1. fresh mango
  2. pretzels
  3. 1 c of broccoli and 2 T of oil-free hummus
  4. apple
  5. 2 slices of toast with mashed avocado, lemon juice, salt and pepper
  6. 2 kiwi
  7. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar (read the ingredients to be sure they are vegan)
  8. That’s It Fruit Bars
  9. banana
  10. banana nice cream (about 1 frozen banana to 1 cup of additional frozen fruit with almond milk to desired consistency – high-efficiency blender or food processor)
  11. 4-6 dates
  12. crackers with peanut butter
  13. chips – tortilla or potato (double check the ingredients)
  14. deviled potatoes (click for recipe)
  15. celery with hummus (and olives to create “ants on a log” with veggies)
  16. cucumber – we like ours peeled, cut lengthwise, and sprinkled with salt
  17. woven wheat crackers with vegan cheese
  18. dill pickles
  19. olive platter
  20. peaches
  21. mashed avocado (with lime juice, salt, and pepper) with tortilla chips
  22. vegan cookie(s)
  23. pineapple
  24. Italian bread toast with vegan honey or agave
  25. vegan or wfpb cupcake or muffin 
  26. watermelon
  27. Lou’s Vegan Jerky 
  28. bruschetta and baguette
  29. pickled veggies
  30. popcorn
  31. cauliflower
  32. texas caviar (click for recipe) with tortilla chips or celery
  33. sweet pepper slices
  34. s’mores (vegan marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers do exist)
  35. fresh tomato with salt (and basil chiffonade)
  36. a scoop of peanut butter dipped in vegan chocolate chips
  37. slice (or two) of banana bread (click for chocolate chip banana bread)
  38. vegan jello
  39. vegan pudding
  40. homemade baked potato fries/chips
  41. salsa
  42. vegan ice cream (So Delicious Cashew Milk Snickerdoodle is Kathy’s fave)
  43. 1/4 c of nuts
  44. pita with hummus  – storebought or homemade
  45. smoothies (click for recipe link -we have a few)
  46. organic edamame (we buy frozen in pod and microwave to steam) sprinkled with soy sauce and salt.
  47. frozen grapes
  48. veggie tray
  49. fruit tray
  50. quick and easy nachos (spread tortilla chips on a plate, drizzle with vegan or plant-based queso and microwave for 10-20 seconds)
  51. greens tossed with balsamic vinegar or season rice wine vinegar and salt and pepper
  52. berries
  53. flavored snack chips or kale chips
  54. melons
  55. bagel with peanut butter or vegan cream cheese
  56. vegan chocolates
  57. roasted chickpeas
  58. crackers with hot sauce
  59. fruit salad
  60. cherries
  61. sunflower seeds
  62. pluots
  63. homemade granola bars
  64. puffed rice crisped treats (made with vegan marshmallows)
  65. pear
  66. orange
  67. grapefruit
  68. granola 
  69. peanut butter and jelly cups
  70. bread with vegan mozzarella, tomato, and basil
  71. dried fruit
  72. no bake cookie balls
  73. popsicles
  74. vegan yogurt
  75. juices (we make our own or grab a 100% juice)
  76. coconut water
  77. nectarine
  78. fruit cups
  79. buffalo cauliflower bites
  80. potato skins
  81. chia, lemon water
  82. apple with nut butter
  83. zucchini carpaccio
  84. vegan and wfpb cookies
  85. cereal

We hope this list helps you experiment with some vegan treats for your snacks.  Live VegInspired.  Tag us @veginspired on Instagram or Twitter to share your snacking pics.