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VegInspired…Our passion

Getting to Know VegInspired

Ever wonder what life is like at VegInspired? We wanted to give you a glimpse into how our lives impact VegInspired and how VegInspired impacts our lives.

VegInspired – Love

VegInspired, the name, was born on Pinterest. It was a place for me to capture recipes that were plant-based. VegInspired, the brand and website, evolved from my desire to share this way of living. Through the creation of VegInspired, we have grown in our attention to detail and our interaction with animals and plants. To be able to share our favorite recipes, cookbooks, beauty products, restaurants, clothing, kitchen gear, etc.

We test (and taste-test) the products and recipes we are recommending. We capture the ingredients we put in recipes, and as we modify the recipes to taste, we have to capture that too. We spend time perfecting the layout and presentation of our meals (only to devour them moments later). We hover over our food and plates with cameras/iPhones in hand, taking dozens of pictures just to get the right one because we know when we go to post, we won’t be able to go back and take another picture.

We plan our meals based on National Recognized Days (e.g. mac and cheese day or chocolate chip cookie day) so that we have a great recipe or picture to share. You might think this all sounds crazy, but it is love.

The Passion

We love VegInspired and sharing this lifestyle with you. John and I both have an innate desire to learn and soak up as much knowledge as we can. When we are not cooking or eating, we are reading, watching videos and documentaries, researching new restaurants or places to travel, and bicycling.

It is hard for me to separate the impact of VegInspired on us and our impact on VegInspired. VegInspired is a way of life. We eat more plants and have eliminated animal products. Our hope is that VegInspired impacts you. Maybe you try a vegetable a different way (Check out this post), take the 2-day experiment, take part in Meatless Monday, or pick up a book or documentary that we recommend (book recommendations).

Maybe you adopt some awesome cooking habits – sautéing in water, eating your meals on a bed of greens (Thanks, Dr. Greger –– or you start using cruelty-free beauty and home products. Maybe you skip the zoos and circuses and you take your kids to museums or animal sanctuaries instead.

Perhaps you subscribe to a local CSA or shop at your local farmers market. Maybe you transition to a VegInspired lifestyle. Our goal with this site is to educate you, inspire you, and create a resource that impacts you.


VegInspired Features and Resources

Visit our Amazon Shop (we will continue to add our recommendations and favorites).

We are so happy to be able to share our experiences and knowledge with you. If there are recipes you’d like to see us “veganize,” or if you have questions about our lifestyle, connect with Kathy! 

It is a joy and passion to help and share what we’ve learned and experienced.

Thanks for being part of the VegInspired family.