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Vegan: Nashville, TN

Our trip to the Music City was full of good food, friends, and music. We packed a lot into our two week stay, but we’ve added Nashville, TN to our list of places to return. They have an awesome vegan food scene and I am always up for a little “honky tonkin'” Have you been to Nashville? I’d love to hear about your vegan faves in Nashville.

What We Ate Vegan: Nashville, TN

This two week trip was all about food and fun! We enjoyed vegan options from over 10 restaurants, so get cozy and let’s explore the Nashville Vegan Food Scene. As with all of our guides, this list is in no particular order.

The Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant

Buffalo Beans and Greens, Wild Cow, Nashville, TN

The Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant has been on our list for vegan food since we went vegan over five years ago. We attended the Plant Pure Nation Movie Premiere in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (and we met the Campbell Family) and purchased the Plant Pure Nation Cookbook. In that cookbook is plant based version of the Wild Cow’s Buffalo Beans and Greens. They did not disappoint when we made them at home and they were tasty (definitely not for those with a weak spice level though) at the restaurant. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a bowl full of brown rice, sauteed greens, beans, grilled buffalo coated tempeh, topped with vegan ranch! Get in my Belly!

In addition, we also ordered a VERY delicious vegan caesar salad and the tempeh reuben – which was phenomenal. A nice thick and flavorful piece of grilled tempeh piled high with sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, and cheese on marbled rye. YUM!


vegan ice cream sundae

I always (try to) save room for desser and I am thrilled I did at Glaze. Our visit to Graze was a pleasant one. We enjoyed appetizers – the crispy brussel sprouts and the loaded potatoes. We’ve now told everyone we know about those loaded potatoes… they are that good. We both got an entree – buffalo quesadillas and the hot tempeh sandwich. And then we shared that epic brownie ice cream sundae made with Koko’s Ice Cream. – It was fantastic. I’d highly recommend that for dessert (perhaps Wild Cow for dinner and Glaze for dessert- as they are right next to each other).

Kokos Ice Cream

Lemon Pie Vegan Ice Cream, Kokos Ice Cream, Nashville, TN

I am an ice cream lover. I could eat it for breakfast (smoothies), lunch (smoothies, smoothie bowls, cones, sundaes… I mean just pass that sweet chilled deliciousness my way!), dinner, and dessert, and a snack. It can be a challenge to find a tasty vegan ice cream that is creamy and sweet. I found Kokos in my research of vegan restaurants in Nashville and added it the list. I was really hoping to hit up their new scoop shop in the west part of Nashville but was happy they had a to-go shop on the East side, which was convenient to the restaurants and breweries that we went to.

Be-Hive Deli

Classic Italian Sandwich, Be-Hive Deli, Nashville, TN

100% plantbased and delicious, this vegan deli did not disappoint. We enjoyed the Be-Hive’s pepperoni on our pizza from 312 Pizza and knew we had to check out their restaurant. Only open on the weekends, we headed that way on a Saturday. We enjoyed the Roast Beef Sandwich and an Italian Hoagie with a side of Seitan Wings and a dish of Antipasto Salad. Everything we ate tasted fantastic and they were hopping with takeout and dine in orders. We were happy to learn that many of the restaurants with vegan options purchase the deli products from Be-Hive.

312 Pizza

Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza 312 Pizza, Nashville, TN

A deep dish vegan pizza? We were utterly impressed by the food at 312 Pizza Comapny. Loaded with gooey cheese, vegan pepperoni, sauce, and cooked in a pan. I would have gone back for more! YUM! We also enjoyed some fried mushrooms and a tasty salad that helped balance out the meal. All in all, a must-visit when in Nashville, plan accordingly though as the deep dish pizzas take a bit longer to cook.

That Deep Dish Pepperoni Vegan Slice tho!
Vegan Potato Skins, 312 Pizza, Nashville, TN


Vegan Sushi, Nomzilla, Nashville, TN

When a vegan Sushi menu is full of creativity and deliciousness, we order one of each. We really appreciated that Nomzilla labeled their menu with the vegan options and that they were intentionally fun and creative. We enjoyed a nice spread of vegan sushi and John ordered Hot Tofu (the name says it all). We would definitely recommend Nomzilla for your vegan sushi cravings, and it is great for an omni group of diners.

Taco Mamacita

Vegan Options Taco Mamacita, Nashville, TN

We love tacos, we always seek out a taco place with vegan options. It doesn’t have to be all vegan, but it needs to be intentional. Don’t pass me a taco of your toppings as a modification. Get some vegan filling and make me a vegan taco. With that said, we are pretty critical of taco joints. We are grateful that Taco Mamacita had vegan and vegetarian options, and it was a great meal with friends, but it is not on our top list of vegan tacos on our travels.

Prefer to watch the video?

Five Points Pizza

Vegan Pizza on the menu at Five Points Pizza, Nashville, TN

We wanted to grab a pizza and beer with friends on our last night in Nashville, and Five Points was a perfect choice for our omni group of diners. We ordered the vegan option right off the menu and it was perfect. We liked the atmosphere at Five Points and it is always nice to be able to meet up with friends and have vegan options available.

Drifter’s BBQ

Fried Tofu Sandwich, Drifter’s BBQ, Nashville, TN

Picnic tables and live music with a yummy fried tofu sandwich and fries! A great option in East Nashville for a beer and lunch. Their BBQ sauces are vegan, and they were very flavorful and delicious. We appreciate places with a vegan option, and Drifter’s was a pleasant surprise.

Vegan Food – Nashville, TN

Overall our trip to Nashville was delicious and fun. We had no trouble finding vegan food while out with friends, whether Honky Tonkin’ in town or exploring the outskirts of Nashville. We did not eat at the Mellow Mushroom in downtown Nashville, but we know they have vegan options and we’d always recommend them as we love them.

Yellow Stars for Vegan Options, Nashville, TN

Exploring Nashville

We did Honky Tonk through Nashville, we also visited during the NFL draft, we did not go downtown that week, but we did enjoy the crowds during and after their NHL playoff game. It is a fun city with a lot to do.

Our favorite bar for music listening was the Listening Room Cafe. It was delightful to hear up-and-coming artists and spend a Saturday morning listening to their music and stories.

Flight of IPAs from Southern Grist, Nashville, TN

We also enjoyed beer from Southern Grist. They have a delicious beer selection, and they label the beers that are brewed with lactose, so you know if they are vegan or not. Southern Grist is in a great location in East Nashville – near Wild Cow, Graze, and Koko’s to-go shop.

We also wandered around the Grand Old Opry Hotel, which is a beautiful gardenscape with shops and restaurants and a little stream. They also have a neat water park in the hotel that looked very fun.

Have you Been to Nashville? Are you planning to go?

We hope this city guide of vegan food and things to do helps you plan your trip to Nashville. It was an enjoyable city, and there were so many vegan options that we didn’t get to try, we know we will be back.