Easy Vegan Goulash

What do cooks cook?

We are ordinary people, just like you.  We promise! Our love of cooking might shine a bit brighter, but we have days that we don’t want to cook too!  Some nights we work late or are busy.  It happens that some recipes in the kitchen are a complete fail. Some nights we have extra cat chores to take care of, and some nights we are tired and want a quick and easy vegan dinner.   It might seem like gourmet food flows freely from the VegInspired kitchen; however, there is always prepping and clean up that go with those delish meals.  We get it; not every recipe is an easy weeknight meal and not every weeknight allows for a full dose of cooking.  So what can a VegInspired Foodie do? Grab some delish ingredients, put ’em together and voila – Easy Vegan Goulash!

Easy Vegan Goulash Ingredients

Easy Vegan Goulash

Easy Vegan Goulash

Easy Vegan Goulash

Yup, even the most creative chefs make these types of tasty and easy weeknight meals! 


  • Favorite Vegan Pasta Noodle, we used Elbows
  • Favorite Vegan Pasta Sauce, we used Whole Foods Brand Portobello Sauce
  • Italian Seitan Crumbles, we used Upton's Naturals
  • Frozen Broccoli


  1. Cook pasta according to package directions, drain
  2. Heat Sauce and Crumbles in medium saucepan over low heat until heated through
  3. Cook Broccoli according to package directions
  4. Mix Sauce and Crumble mixture with drained pasta
  5. Serve with nutritional yeast or Vegan Parmesan (homemade or store-bought)
Nutrition Information:
Serving Size: 1 grams
Amount Per Serving: Unsaturated Fat: 0g
Easy Vegan Goulash


This tasty vegan meal packs in nutrients, fills you up, and is quick for those busy weeknights.  Some days call for a fast and easy dinner (and a glass of wine).

To increase your vegetables you could add a bag of your favorite cooked mixed vegetables to the goulash, but you might need additional sauce.

A word, or more, about Seitan

We are often asked, “what is seitan?”  Seitan is wheat gluten.  It is versatile and can take on the flavor profile of many dishes through the creative use of spices and herbs.  We found that Upton’s Naturals Brand of Seitan comes in very handy in our recipes.  We used it in our Cheesy Seitan Tofu Scramble, and Polenta Stuffed Green Peppers, and we have even “corned” the Natural Seitan for Reuben dishes!  

Since we haven’t had a chance to try all of their products, we can only say that of the ones we’ve tried; are fantastic.  The Chorizo Seitan is great for tacos and other Latin-influenced dishes.  The Italian Seitan Crumbles worked perfectly in our Easy Vegan Goulash and our Italian-style omelet ( it was fabulous!).  We would highly recommend Upton’s if you are looking for a great seitan to use in your dishes.

Enjoy and share your versions of this #meatlessmonday dish on social media #veginspiredfoodie

As always, live and love VegInspired style.