13 Vegan Items at Every Grocery Store

13 Vegan Items at Every Grocery Store

With the popularity of alternative dairy products and vegan substitutes, it is easy to go vegan in a large city because there is likely a surplus of specialty grocery stores where these items are popular.  But what about the small town grocery stores?  How is a family who lives “out in the sticks” supposed to follow a plant-based/vegan diet?  This post will show you it is possible to live a vegan lifestyle in small towns; here are 13 Vegan Items at Every Grocery Store.

Here are 13 vegan items you can find in small-town grocery stores that will keep you on the VegInspired path:

  1. Fresh fruits
  2. Fresh vegetables; including potatoes
  3. Whole grains: rice, pasta, quinoa, oats, farro
  4. Dried and canned beans
  5. Frozen vegetables
  6. Raw nuts (cashews, walnuts, almonds)
  7. Nondairy milk
  8. Canned or jarred vegetables including tomatoes, artichokes, roasted red peppers, and pickles
  9. Spices and herbs
  10. Frozen fruits
  11. Condiments (salsa, mustard, ketchup, relish, and even bbq sauce can be vegan just check the ingredients)
  12. Peanut butter (possibly other “nut butter”)
  13. Jams and dried fruits


Here are a few more items that may be vegan.  Please check the ingredients to be sure.  You can always download the “Is It Vegan” App.  Also, here is a list from the “Dummies” website that defines the animal by-products in food. Here is a list from PETA.  Review these lists.  When in doubt, skip it.

  1. Wholegrain bread, rolls, tortillas, or wraps (check ingredients to be sure)
  2. Snacks: pretzels, chips, cookies, chocolates, (check ingredients to be sure)
  3. Non-Dairy Ice Cream (be sure to check that they are vegan.  Some lactose-free products still have casein in them) <thumbs down>


Other Options

If your hometown grocery store has a “natural” or “health food” section, you may also be able to find the items below.

  1. Tofu
  2. Tempeh
  3. Nutritional yeast
  4. Flax seeds
  5. Chia Seeds
  6. Tahini
  7. Miso Paste
  8. Vegan substitutes (cheese, deli slices, burgers, hot dogs, etc.)

While we are proponents of organic and/or non-GMO items; buying vegan products is more important than buying non-GMO and organic.

In our journey to a VegInspired life, we have utilized “substitutes” in our meals.  We have found that those are special treats to us.  We no longer base our meals around vegan sausages, vegan cheese, or vegan “substitutes.” We base our meals around whole grains and/or starches (potatoes) and add vegetables or fruits. For example, our Oatmeal Bowl uses a base of oats and almond milk, and we top it with raisins, peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon.  All of these items can be found in a small grocery store.  We recently had grilled veggies, topped with BBQ sauce and served with rice.  

Be Creative.  Add more starches and remove the animal products!

Vegetable Kebabs.

We grilled these, brushed them with BBQ sauce, and served them with rice.

You can be vegan anywhere!  Visit our recipe page for some great plant-based meal ideas.  Share your favorite vegan meals in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @veginspired.

Until next time, stay VegInspired!